Weekend Roundup: Feb. 29 – March 3

Amy Kaslow Gallery Will Present a New Exhibit

February 28, 2024


Sandra Dooley. Cuando hablo de ti, 2024. Mixed media on canvas.


Opening today, Amy Kaslow Gallery will be presenting “Sandra Dooley: Layers.” Dooley’s artistry is lyrical and layered, with canvases sewn, wrapped, painted and appointed with great purpose. Her creations demand a close look to find surfaces rich in color and 3-D form. Dooley is wonderful at giving new life to used objects, often working with buttons, sequins, yarn, or repurposed burlap. More information on the exhibit can be found here.


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In: Mural Pops at the Poppy on P


By Robert Devaney | December 18, 2023


The Poppy Georgetown Guesthouse and Gardens has partnered with Amy Kaslow of the Amy Kaslow Gallery to celebrate the whimsical nature of its guesthouse with two art installations, including a large-scale mural of poppies that can be seen when taking a walk down P Street NW.


A locally owned, boutique-style guesthouse, the Poppy Georgetown, recently re-branded and continues to bloom in new ways. “The artist has created a truly remarkable piece of art that brings a pop of color and life to our outdoor space,” says Nico Vroom, Guesthouse General Manager. “As the leaves from the surrounding magnolia trees fell on the P Street Patio, the walls grew up a little and are now all dressed up for the town, thanks to Amy and her unique style. It looks inviting day and night.”


The 15-room guesthouse and gardens, located at 2616 P St. NW, is one block from Rose Park — and next to Apéro.


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Weekend Roundup, Dec. 7 – 10:


By Katie Oczypok | December 7, 2023


Holiday Pop Party at the Poppy Georgetown Guesthouse and Gardens 


Don’t miss a celebration at Georgetown’s premier place for overnight visitors. During the holiday party, two new public murals by Brandon McDonald and Amy Kaslow will be unveiled. There will also be mulled wine and an exclusive tour of The Poppy. More information on the event can be found here


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May 20, 2022


HumanKind opens May 20th, an installation of painted, sculpted, and assembled works that celebrate how we see ourselves and one another. The artists peel back our defects to expose the raw beauty we so often overlook: our trust in ourselves, our personal resolve, our connectedness, our decency. Clearly, they want us to see it, too. 


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Artist Talk at Amy Kaslow Gallery: Lisa Tubach and Marine Conservation

By Katie Oczypok | September 2, 2021


Amy Kaslow Gallery welcomes you to our wide open space in NW Washington, DC where our Sea Glass exhibition pairs Lisa Tubach’s sensuous underwater scapes with John Geci’s bold blown glass vessels. It’s a mesmerizing combination.


Join us for a Friday, September 10th Gallery Talk at six p.m. when artist/environmentalist Lisa Tubach shares a panel with specialists from the Chesapeake Bay Program and Ocean Foundations. Together we’ll probe the biggest threat to our water bodies and marine life — industrial pollution we expel into oceans, rivers, lakes, creeks, and wells —  and we’ll share practical ways to help reverse the degradation. Of course we’ll be surrounded by beauty! We’re showing over a dozen of Tubach’s works. Her paintbrush beckons us into ethereal underwater worlds, defined by brilliant, bold-toned sea life. Channeling her zest for protecting tropical ecosystems into stunning tableaus, she gives us big strokes and remarkable detail as we enter coral installations, move through grasses and into grottos.


Her oil and acrylic paintings on canvas and gouaches on paper are informed by her conservation work: immersion with shark conservationists in Belize, coral garden maintenance in Hawaii, invertebrate collection in Puget Sound, reef documentation in the Bahamas and next, perhaps, a trip to Iceland where she wants to “dive into fissures” to examine their geo-thermal state. Tubach’s brilliant and large-scale paintings have a clear message about the beauty, the fragility of our ocean ecosystems and prompt us to examine what we can do to protect them.

Please join us Friday September 10th at 6:00 pm to engage and learn more. Libations served. Sea Glass runs through September 25th at Amy Kaslow Gallery, 4300 Fordham Rd NW, Washington D.C. 20016. Masks required.


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DC LINES at Amy Kaslow Gallery

June 24, 2021



June 24, 2021 @ 8:00 am - August 8, 2021 @ 5:00 pm



There is something so appealing about the simple line. Originating in nature, it’s everywhere we turn. Humankind walks it, wears it, draws it, and crosses it. Here we assembled striking pieces from four Washington artists whose works are inescapably, alluringly linear. Washington Lines includes Elroy Williams, who marshals his mastery as a commercial artist into contemporary fine art, crisp and clean mixtures of gorgeous color, and graceful form. Linda Cafritz’s seemingly sculpted acrylic paintings give us lines defined as much by textured hues as they are by their elegant verticality. From the late lacquer artist Andrew Kaslow, highly polished geometrics spring from square wallboards. And Amy Kaslow’s latest botanical images put a new lens on natural pinstripes and curves, all in sumptuous tones. Washington Lines opens June 24th and runs through August 8th.


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Amy Kaslow Gallery Light the Night Event

By Katie Oczypok | April 16, 2021



Amy Kaslow Gallery’s Light the Night event brings sculptor Noah James Saunders and his mesmerizing collection of rotating torsos, busts, and tableaus, celebrating the male form in galvanized steel wire. Come flash your cellular phone light at one of Saunder’s works and create your own art sculpting shadows against our whitewashed walls! This last weekend of the show will feature a visit from the artist and outdoor reception: Friday April 23th and Saturday April 24th, 7:30 p.m  to 9:30 p.m.


Noah James Saunders brings us the male human form, sinewy and powerful. The searching eyes to the brawny shoulders, the body mechanics of these wonderful pieces fill the room with presence.“I speak in wire; and faces are my language,” says the Athens, Georgia-based artist. For thirty years, the largely self-taught sculptor has manipulated metal wire, inventing new techniques and honing his talent in the US and in Europe. Today, his works are feats of artistry and engineering.


Saunders’ works are experiential and intimate. By day, the heads, torsos, and tableaus turn, and with every rotation they create a new expression, a new figure. After dark is another dimension as the artist invites us to flash our own cellular phone light at life-sized sculptures that throw an array of contoured faces and forms along the gallery’s whitewashed walls. All in shadow, all commanding.


Visit Amy Kaslow Gallery for our Art at Night event on Friday April 23rd or Saturday April 24th from 7:30pm – 9:30pm to meet the artist and sculpt your own shadows. Masks and social distancing are required. Reception outside on the patio. The number of guests allowed inside the gallery at one time will be limited for safety. Street parking is available.


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Art Exhibition: Sculpting Shadow at Amy Kaslow Gallery March 18th – April 25th

March 5, 2021




Georgia native Noah James Saunders opens his stunning metal works on March 18th, 2021 at Amy Kaslow Gallery in Washington, DC.


Suspended from the ceiling and hanging from the walls, Saunders’ sculpture shows us the male human form, sinewy, stately, and strong. From searching eyes to brawny shoulders, the body mechanics of these life-sized pieces fill the room with presence.

“I speak in wire; and faces are my language,” says Saunders. For thirty years, in the United States and Europe,  the master of wire has honed his talent and invented new techniques. Today, his pieces are feats of artistry and engineering. Heads and torsos move and cast shadows so ethereal, we must remind ourselves that these are an assemblage of metal strips.


Saunders delights in what he calls “humanizing the wire usually forgotten in the back of a drawer” and after three decades he’s still drawn to the simplicity of the material, the complexity he creates with form and shadow.  His sheer raw talent has nurtured a career of sculpting and exhibiting. The celebrated artist has held teaching residencies, launched dozens of solo shows and has collected awards from his home state of Georgia to Luxembourg. He was a finalist for the Luxembourg Art Prize, selected from 12 artists around the world. Saunders claimed the prestigious People’s Choice Award at ArtFields2019 which provided him the exploratory time in Italy he needed to ideate and create Join Me: A Prelude. The sculptor’s work is in private collections across the US and Europe.


See Saunders’ evocative portraiture, his mastery of metal, space and shadow. March 18 through April 25, 2021 at Amy Kaslow Gallery, 4300 Fordham Road, NW, Washington, DC 20016


See our website for more information: www.amykaslowgallery.com
Contact: Jordan Lee, Gallery Manager
Organization: Amy Kaslow Gallery
Address: 4300 Fordham Rd, NW Washington, D.C. 20016
curate@amykaslowgallery.com, Instagram: @AmyKaslowGallery


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